Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dear Charlotte,

What is it about me that is so cat-like? What prompts people to call me a cat? I now get called 'catty' and 'kitty', not only be separate groups of friends who don't know each other (and I definitely don't tell people about this 'adorable' pet name)...but my family in Canada, for cripes sake.

It’s a cruel rumour that I love cats - in truth, it’s quite the opposite: I find them pompous and evil. When I was 5, a friend's kitten climbed up the inside of my dress and hung from my pants. True story. Also, I will never forget having my face scratched by our cat Tabby (aged 6), whilst trying to give her a little cuddle. I also witnessed her vomiting a grape under the kitchen table. Tabby didn’t last long. (Not that we killed her...my brother was horribly allergic to her hair, so we gave her the old heave-ho) I didn’t miss her.

Yes, yes, I can hear you now 'but Caitlin, you're always on those cat websites'. That is totally different - I've noticed a steady rise in 'Cat Humour', of late. Its widely used in TV adverts, proving that 'Cat Humour' isn’t just for stoners and weirdoes, no no - its purrfectly normal to appreciate it.

Argh, I’m cracking up.



*note to self, tomorrow I will write a clever, politically charged blog - writing which will make my uni debts seem ALLL worth it.

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