Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dear Charlotte,

What is it about me that is so cat-like? What prompts people to call me a cat? I now get called 'catty' and 'kitty', not only be separate groups of friends who don't know each other (and I definitely don't tell people about this 'adorable' pet name)...but my family in Canada, for cripes sake.

It’s a cruel rumour that I love cats - in truth, it’s quite the opposite: I find them pompous and evil. When I was 5, a friend's kitten climbed up the inside of my dress and hung from my pants. True story. Also, I will never forget having my face scratched by our cat Tabby (aged 6), whilst trying to give her a little cuddle. I also witnessed her vomiting a grape under the kitchen table. Tabby didn’t last long. (Not that we killed her...my brother was horribly allergic to her hair, so we gave her the old heave-ho) I didn’t miss her.

Yes, yes, I can hear you now 'but Caitlin, you're always on those cat websites'. That is totally different - I've noticed a steady rise in 'Cat Humour', of late. Its widely used in TV adverts, proving that 'Cat Humour' isn’t just for stoners and weirdoes, no no - its purrfectly normal to appreciate it.

Argh, I’m cracking up.



*note to self, tomorrow I will write a clever, politically charged blog - writing which will make my uni debts seem ALLL worth it.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Dear Charlotte,
Isn't it funny how you tweet away any old rubbish, and imagine sending it out in to the universe not thinking anyone will read, or even notice, it and out of nowhere someone says: 'I've been following what you've been up to via your tweets and blog'. Gah! Suddenly massively regret endlessly tweeting about being hungry; watching Made in Chelsea and/or the weather(!)  Or, even more surprising, you get a tweet complementing your blog. This, dear Charlotte, has just happened to me - and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I don't believe in coincidences, so it can only - in my opinion - be down to Fate that I received this particular tweet the very day after vowing to blog more regularly. It was the proverbial 'kick up the butt' I needed - encouragement that I haven't received since...well, in a while. So for this, I thank you '@VoodouLiverpool'.

So. In my previous blog, I wrote about embarking on the Dukan diet. This, as it turns out, wasn't to be. First off, a good friend of mine informed me that 2 days in her iPhone turned into a baguette and she was having nightmares about prawns. Secondly, did you know that the Dukan plan doesn't allow alcohol? Doesn't.Allow.Alcohol. And do we, or do we not, live in a country who prides itself on its relationship with alcohol? *looks around for nods of approval*

The final nail in the coffin,  was horror stories of 'plates of meat finished off with a yoghurt'. I am, for the best part, a vegetarian after all.

I have decided that I am above diets.  I am going for the 'female warrior' body instead this summer. Firm, and unapolagetically not-stick-thin. I will continue with my gym routine...maybe cut down on weight-lifting (my arms are looking suspiciously wrestler-ish) and eat whatever the 'eck I like. Tonight, for instance, I may have scoffed half a packet of Mars Planets. Here-here! (is that right? it doesn't look right?)

On that note - I'm off to bed.

C xx

p.s. I have a wish list, and it goes like this:
  1. A white blazer
  2. Nude Court shoes
  3. A printed dress a la Diane Von Furstenberg (did u know dvf were responsible for those  purple flares?!)
  4. Some new ballet flats (I swear mine have gone moldy)
  5. And finally - a cut-out-at-the shoulder top from ASOS
that is all. x