Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dear Charlotte,

Ah cripes - not very good at this blogging malarkey. Have also forgotten the font and size used in previous blogs...BALL ACHE. Anyway, moving on...

I've just read a blog about, amongst other things, 'slippers'. One pair in particular caught my eye...they were made of bread; individual baguettes, really.

I love bread so darned much, and it is with much regret that I will soon be cutting it out of my life completely. That's right, in my pursuit of the 'pippa-body' (I would defs settle for the 'carole-body'), I will soon be subjecting my body to the Dukin Diet.

Yes, after much consideration (seeing the Middleton's on their yacht), and against all of my better judgement (I've tried Atkins, and it's HELL),  I have decided to diet - something I thought I had left behind me after the infamous maple-syrup-diet-from-first-year-at-uni diet. True that particular diet had some undesirable side effects...I had to, for example, give up ALL physical exercise, including sitting down, in favour of lying down in bed.  But, I feel it will be all be worth it in the end when I am skinny-licious.

I shall blog my progress.

That is all.